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A Visit From Our Historian

During our project for Wyred for Pride 2018 we had a guest (Daniel Somerville) come in to inform us about LGBT history and how it personally affected him and the community. He spoke about a variety of subjects surrounding LGBT history ranging from the Aids crisis, marriage/children and the sub culture surrounding the gay club Heaven in London.

He also spoke about how he was affected by these events such as the Aids crisis which he saw many if his friends die from and how he had his son through an arraignment with another women in the LGBT community.

Daniel also spoke about the importance of staying positive through the dark times fir the community such as the Aids crisis and the riots taking place at the time as he bravely spoke about how he was constantly notice his friends gradually disappearing from his social areas due to passing away from Aids and how this tragedy of losing people his knew became a norm in his life during this time.

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