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Pride of Kidderminster

Thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund the Flannel Club have been given the opportunity to make a film, looking at the intergenerational dialogue between members of the LGBTQ+ community. Below one of our members explains the projects aims.

Through our film project the Flannel Club has aimed to make a short film highlighting the lack of communication between different generations of LGBTQ+ community. We hope our film can bridge the gap between these generations to have a better understanding of LGBT history through personal stories and experiences.

Our film will greatly focus on this subject whilst discussing what has been highlighted through recent political and cultural events. We want to make sure we reflect the changes that have occurred through the 21th century for the LGBTQ+ community and their gain in rights and privileges.

We hope after the project is shown, that audiences will have a greater understanding of the history of the LGBT community. We want to try to encourage older and younger generations of the community to come together through a mutual understanding of their heritage and to form new opportunities for mentors. This will hopefully lead to people being able to communicate and discuss issues with each other more easily and more confidently as they will be much more aware of the hardships each other has or are currently facing.

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